Head Boy/Head Girl

Hello, my name is Ruben. I am head boy of Roundwood Primary School. I enjoy my role and love the extra responsibility that it brings. I can’t wait to show off our wonderful school to you if you decide that this is the place for you or if you’d like to come for a visit! I love to help others and enjoy offering assistance where I can. I love Roundwood and all the teachers who work here are brilliant. I am so grateful to be the Head Boy of such a caring place.

Hi, my name is Cally and I am the Head Girl of Roundwood. I enjoy this role because the responsibility that it holds makes sure that I get to represent such a wonderful place. I love showing visitors around and talking about what a great place this is to be. In my spare time I like to ride my pony; I am very sporty and love to dance. I think Roundwood is an incredible school and we are all so lucky to be here.