Year 6

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Week beginning 29th June

Purple Group in school and Orange Group home learning.


Good morning Year 6!

What a wonderful week of sunshine we just had! I have loved being able to be outside; the sunshine always puts me in a good mood. I have had a very busy week at home too – we visited Rushmere Country Park at the weekend and saw the beautiful fairy and troll doors… if you haven’t been there before, you must take a look!

Everyone has been working very hard and I thank you again for all of your dedication to both home learning and school learning. Orange group coped very well with having extra children in school – to be honest, it wasn’t all that different to before! We kept to our routine, and with the added use of walkie talkies (which did make us laugh when we heard “Year five going to the toilet” in the middle of a maths lesson), the day went just as smoothly.

Without further ado, here is the home learning work for you for this week:


*There is no expectation that the children attending school will complete this; I will be teaching the curriculum to them as normal in the classroom.

PURPLE MASH “The Haunting of Rose Cottage”. Answer the quizzes attached to chapter 1-3.

  • Maths – I have downloaded alternative worksheets for you and have added them to the ‘work’ area of Purple Mash. They should now appear as a “To Do”. They are also attached to the email if you’d prefer to access them here.
  • History – PURPLE MASH What have you learnt about the Maya Gods? Test yourself with this quiz.
  • Science – PURPLE MASH We need to protect the planet we live in. Learn about conserving resources.
  • Art – PURPLE MASH Learn about Pointillism and create your own version using this style.
  • Music – PURPLE MASH Should children take part in TV talent shows? Prepare for a debate!
  • PSHCE – PURPLE MASH – Transition to secondary school. Create a booklet to refer to as you learn about your new school. Learn how to read a secondary timetable.
  • Computing – PURPLE MASH – How to use search engines effectively. What is a browser?
  • R.E. – Dharma day is celebrated by Buddhists on Sunday. Use this website to learn about what Buddhists do to mark the event.


I cannot wait to see the work you have completed.

Remember, if you need me at all, I am available at

See you all soon; stay in touch.


Mrs Hall J


As important as it is to keep working hard, please remember, downtime is equally as important, please allow for time to communicate with your friends and take part in regular exercise. Mindfulness colouring is a great way to help you if you are feeling anxious and printable resources can be easily found online.


I also want to make you aware that Audible (part of Amazon) are offering free audio books for young people of all ages. I would recommend that families take advantage of this offer that can be found here



Please find useful information about staying safe on-line here
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