Year 6

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Autumn 2019 

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I hope you had a wonderful summer break and enjoyed the few days of sunshine we did get! This term is always an exciting term with plenty of new topics and themes to explore.

I’m Mrs Hall and am about to start my fourth year at Roundwood Primary. I am looking forward to meeting new parents and saying hello to parents of children I have taught in previous years. Please feel free to introduce yourselves to me and say hello – hopefully I’ll begin to recognise your faces and we will get to know one another as the term progresses.

I will be teaching in Year 6 full time with the exception of Wednesday afternoons. Mrs Farragher will be supporting in class, Monday to Thursday. Mr Marshall will be teaching P.E. on a Wednesday afternoon and Mrs Farragher will teach spellings on this day.


In our English lessons this term, we will be exploring the novel “Street Child” by Berlie Doherty. The story tells the tale of Jim Jarvis, an orphan living on the streets of Victorian London. We will explore a variety of text types as we progress through the book and the children will have the chance to respond to the novel through the use of journalistic writing, diary entries, biographical writing and writing in narrative style. Closer to Christmas, we will be looking at “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and will focus on non-fiction writing and drama in response to this.


This term in Maths the children will:

  • Read, write and order large numbers and decimal numbers and determine the value of each digit.
  • Add/subtract larger numbers using formal written methods.
  • Multiply and divide numbers using formal written methods.
  • Work on maths investigations applying their learning.
  • Solve problem including problems with a “real life context”.
  • Understand the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • Understand and interpret data in charts and graphs.
  • Classify shapes and use appropriate shape terminology.
  • Calculate with and use suitable units of measure.



Our first topic this term is ‘The Victorians’.  The children will be finding out about:

  • Queen Victoria and her reign
  • What is was like to be rich or poor in Victorian Britain
  • What it was like to be a Victorian child
  • Victorian inventions
  • Crime and punishment in Victorian Britain


For science, the topic we will be covering is “Animals including Humans”. We will look at how animals have adapted to meet the needs of their environment and the battle between predators and their prey. We will investigate the habitats of different animals and how that influences their behaviour. We will also look at the work of Charles Darwin and investigate the theory of evolution.


This term your child will be having PE on a Monday and a Wednesday. They will need the correct PE kit which is a red t shirt with a school badge, black shorts-not skorts-and a black track suit for colder days. Trainers are essential, plimsolls are not. Please note that leggings are not part of the P.E. uniform.

Initially, both PE lessons will be outside until the weather changes. The children will be doing P.E. on a Monday and games with Mr Marshall on a Wednesday.



The children will be studying “Diversity in Religion”.


Music will follow the Charanga Music Scheme and our first song study will be “Happy” by Pharell Williams.


Manor Adventure – 4/11/19

Cinema Trip –


The children will be bringing home English and Maths homework weekly. Maths homework will be in the form of Matheletics. The children will be set English homework and Maths homework at different points throughout the week. Likewise, the work will be due back on varying days.  While it might prove challenging initially not having a set day, it is intended to make it easier for the children to learn to manage their own time and increase their responsibility in sitting down to get it done; ready for secondary school.  Children will have one day’s grace to bring late homework in, after that they will be asked to complete it during their lunchtime. It is expected that the children spend about 40mins on each homework task. If your child is struggling with the management, time taken to complete or anything else, please ask the children to come in and speak to me to help develop their sense of independence. The children will have a homework diary to help manage their time.


Your child will be given 15 words to practise weekly. These will be tested on a Wednesday and will be a mixture of spelling rules learnt, “Monster Spellings” (which are the mostly commonly misspelt words) and topic-themed vocabulary.

Mental Maths

The children will be expected to continue working on their times tables throughout the year. The school website offers many games to help consolidate tables and we can give sheets to support rehearsal of tables if useful.


The children will also be expected to continue reading and we would ask that they write in their homework diary when they have done so. If they read 3x weekly or more, they will be given house points-the more you read-the more points you earn. The reading records will be checked on a Monday.


Remember to read the school’s weekly newsletter and check the school’s website regularly to find out what is happening in school.

Behaviour & Rewards

In Year 6 we will continue to have rewards for the children to earn through good behaviour. Since the children are “at the top of the school” they will be expected to demonstrate the school values and behaviour expectations to the rest of the pupils at Roundwood at all times.  They can earn: House points, Golden Book recognition, Mon thly Marvel and the class will decide on their own rewards for when they work together well as a class. These will then build towards a class treat as and when the rewards are accrued.


We are always looking for parents to come in and listen to readers each week or support the learning of individuals.  Also please let us know if you have any hidden talents which you can share with us, such as: cooking, art or maths.


Please send your child in each day with a named water bottle. Please also encourage children to bring in bags which are a suitable size as the cloakrooms are quite tight. Their pegs only need to have their PE kit, lunch and coats on.  Please make sure all items of clothing are named. It would also be beneficial if pencil cases could be small enough to fit in children’s trays!

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