Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

We hope you all had a lovely indulgent Easter and are now ready to face the final term of the year. There is a lot going on this term with a trip to the river, a Royal Latin Science morning, The Yr5 and 6 Production, Sparkle Day and Sports day, to name a few. Plenty to keep us busy!
As in previous terms, Miss Leslie will continue to be teaching the children Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Miss Coggins taking over on Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Creed is the Year 5 teaching assistant.
We hope you find this newsletter helpful in informing you of what your children will be learning this term.

 Summer Term 2019


Last half term we focused on narrative and the children wrote some brilliant pieces of work linked to the Piano short film. During this first short half term, we will be looking at a variety of non-fiction writing of explanation, recount and letter writing all linked to a picture book. After half term, we will begin with poetry linked to our topic on rivers and we will then look at The Little Ships book about the Dunkirk landings.


In maths this term we will be covering aspects of geometry-angles and shape work-as well as looking at position and movement. After half term we will be working on measurements, area and perimeter. The children will continue to keep their basic number knowledge going through times tables, arithmetic and mental maths tests to ensure they retain all that they have learnt so far.


Our first topic this term is Mountains and Rivers. The children will be finding out thing such as:

• What is a mountain? River?
• How are mountains and rivers formed?
• Where in the world are mountains/rivers and mountain ranges/river courses?
• What activities take place in a mountain/river environment?
• How does climate change and the impact of humans effect the mountain/river?



The children will start the term completing the unit on forces with a focus on air and water resistance. They will then move onto a unit entitled Animals-including humans. This will involve looking at how humans change as they grow from babies through to old age and will cover the changes they will undergo as they move through puberty. The school nurses will be visiting the children during this half term for a discussion on puberty and we will then be continuing the unit into how babies are made and how babies are born.


This term Miss Coggins will be teaching the topic of sacred texts


This term your child will be having PE on a Monday and a Tuesday. They will need the correct PE kit which is a red t shirt, black shorts and a black track suit, trainers are essential. Please make sure these are in at the start of the week. The children will be doing Rounders and Athletics on Mondays with Miss Leslie and Tag Ruby and Field Games with Mr Cassidy on a Tuesday.


The work planned will involve the children programming, as well as safe and responsible use of the internet amongst other things. It will also prepare the children well for what they will need to be able to do when they reach their secondary education.


23rd May-Yr5 Science Fair-More information to follow. No cost.
TBC-Great River Ouse Visit, Rectory Farm. More information to follow. No cost.


This term the homework will be slightly different. The children will have a weekly English or Topic based homework, which will be set on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday.
They will then have 5 Mathletics pieces of homework online which will also be set on a Friday and to be completed by the following Wednesday. As we begin to prepare the children for Year Six, the children will no longer have one days grace to bring late homework in, any late homework will result in 10 minutes loss of golden time. It is expected that the children spend about 30mins on each homework task.


Your child will be given a list of words to practise weekly linked to the weekly rule being rehearsed in class and words which are listed in the national curriculum for KS2. These will be given and tested on a Friday and will be a mixture of spelling rules learnt and high frequency words.

Mental Maths

The children will be expected to continue working on their times tables throughout the year. This may for some weeks form part of the maths homework. We will establish which times tables children need to work on early in the term and then set them targets to achieve a certain set of times tables half termly. The school website offers many games to help consolidate tables and we can give sheets to support rehearsal of tables if useful.


The children will also be expected to continue reading and we would ask that they write in their reading records when they have done so. If they read 3x weekly or more, they will given house points-the more you read-the more points you earn. The reading records will be checked on a Monday.


We are available in the morning for short messages such as if somebody else will be collecting your child.
If there is anything else you would like to discuss we are around after school.
Please email/ call the office if there are any messages throughout the day. 01280 813066

Behaviour & Rewards

In Year 5 we will continue to have rewards for the children to earn through good behaviour. Along with the house points, we are currently reviewing a brand new celebration system with the children, which will focus on effort, improvement and achievement. More news on this to follow! The class will decide on their own rewards for when they work together well as a class. These will then build towards a class treat as and when the rewards are accrued.


We are always looking for parents to come in and listen to readers each week or support the learning of individuals. Also please let us know if you have any hidden talents which you can share with us, such as: cooking, art or maths.


Please send your child in each day with a named water bottle.  We would appreciate your support in  encouraging your children to bring in bags which are a suitable size for the lockers. Please make sure all items of clothing are named. It would also be beneficial if pencil cases could be small enough to fit in children’s trays!



Year 5 Class Timetable

Click here to download class timetable.

This Week’s Spellings

Click here to download this week’s spellings.

Times Tables Practise

Click here to times tables games for you to practise.

Times Tables Practise Sheets

Click on the links below to download the times tables sheets we currently use in class:

2,3,4,5,10 including division

6,7,8 including division

7,8,9 including division

2-12 x including division


Internet Safety

Below are some reminders about what you should do  to keep safe on line:

  • Always tell an adult if you are using the internet and what you are using it for.
  • Never talk to anybody you don’t know.
  • Don’t give out any information about you (name, age, address, school) even to people you know.
  • If something pops up on screen, don’t close the screen, tell an adult.
  • If you get a mean message or email, ignore it and tell an adult so they can delete it.
  • Don’t go on to websites you are told not to.

Safer Internet-CEOP Link 

Click here to link to the CEOP website.


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