Year 3

Please click here for the Year 3 summer timetable.

Welcome back to a new school year.

We hope you have had a lovely holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready for a new school year.

Mrs Kitts, Miss Sharples, Mrs Farragher and Mrs Collier.


In our English sessions this term we will be focusing our learning on the book ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King. We will be learning about and writing our own narrative descriptions, character analysis and instructional writing. The children will be exploring descriptive vocabulary, extracts of larger stories and after half term will be writing exploring the feelings of characters and self, using the book ‘Gorrilla’ by Anthony Browne as the main stimulus. Children will use their work on exploring emotions to add excitement and to develop character in their own adventure story. Children will know what it is they are working on developing in English by the use of targets in their English books linked to the styles of writing.

Your child will be given 10 words which are linked to Year 3 curriculum to practise weekly. These will be tested on a Thursday. Please make sure your child brings their spelling book into school on the Wednesday to ensure new spellings can be given on time.


This term in Maths the children will:

·       Read, write and order numbers to 1,000 and determine the value of each digit.

·       Explore number patterns using these numbers

·       Round numbers

·       Develop their ability to add/subtract numbers using written methods.

·       Develop their ability to multiply and divide up to and including 2 digit numbers

·       Work on maths investigations applying their learning

·       Be tested on their times tables/number bonds/arithmetic knowledge weekly

Children are also set maths targets, again linked to essential number skills and/or the unit of work being covered. These will be evident in their maths books.


Mental Maths

The children will be expected to continue working on their times tables throughout the year, however we will be focusing on specific tables on a weekly basis. Much like the spellings the children will be given questions to practice in the chosen tables, these could be multiplication or division questions, these will also be tested on Thursday. We will begin the term consolidating tables that the children have learnt in previous years before moving onto 3, 4 and 8 times tables next term.


The school website offers many games to help consolidate tables and we can give sheets to support rehearsal of tables if useful.


This term in R.E. we will be covering the topic Founders and Prophets. We will be asking ourselves: What qualities do we most admire in people and why? How do the lives, teachings and example of the key religious figures in the different religions influence the lives of individuals and communities?


French will continue to be taught by Mrs Carr, looking at numbers 20-50 and classroom objects.


Our first topic this term is ‘Prehistoric people’.  The children will be looking into the life and time of the people from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and then the Iron Age. The children will be finding out about how they lived in those times. Looking at these things in particular:


·       Food (hunting and gathering)

·       Clothing

·       Homes

·       Tools and materials

·       Important people


In science the children will be learning about rocks. We will be looking into how rocks are formed and their properties. They will be considering how we use rocks today and in past times, linking to topic work, and how rocks have helped us discover things about the past by looking in particular at fossils and how they are formed. After half term we will be studying the human body and understanding how this works.


This term your child will be having PE on a Tuesday and Friday. They will need the correct PE kit which is a red t-shirt, black shorts -not skorts- and a black track suit for colder days. Trainers are essential, plimsolls are not.

Initially, both PE lessons will be outside until the weather changes. The children will be doing invasion games with Mr Cassidy on a Tuesday and dance with Mrs Kitts on a Friday. PE kits, including trainers should be left in school all week as trainers are worn during play times.

This term Mrs Morton will be teaching the children music on a Wednesday morning. It will be a mixture of keyboards, singing and African drumming. This promises to be an exciting opportunity to be taught by a specialist using a range of different instruments.


Autumn – Chiltern open air museum (approx. cost £20)

                Christmas cinema trip (This will be subsidised)


The children will be bringing home English and Maths homework weekly. The children will be set English and maths homework on a Friday which will due in on a Wednesday. The children will have a homework book with the tasks explained. The children are allowed to be as creative as they choose to be, presenting their work in interesting and eye-catching ways, however there is still a high expectation from both me and the school that the children’s work should represent the child’s best work and show appropriate effort. If you or your child needs extra support in completing their homework please contact me via the school office or after the school day on the Monday of the week that the homework is due. Children will have one day’s grace to bring late homework in, after that they will be asked to complete it during their lunchtime. It is expected that the children spend about 30mins on each homework task.

If your child is struggling with the management, time taken to complete or anything else, please ask the children to come in and speak to us to help develop their sense of independence.

The children will also be expected to continue reading and we would ask that they write in their reading records when they have done so. The children will be given house points-the more you read, the more points you earn for reading everyday your child will also receive a square. The reading records will be checked on a Friday.

Remember to read the schools weekly newsletter and check the school’s website regularly to find out what is happening in school.

We are available in the morning for short messages such as if somebody else will be collecting your child.
If there is anything else you would like to discuss we are around after school.
Please email/ call the office if there are any messages throughout the day. 01280 813066

Behaviour & Rewards
In Year 3 we will continue to have rewards for the children to earn through good behaviour. We have these rewards: table points, house points, effort squares (children receive a prize when they have received 10 squares for great effort in class).

In addition to this we will have the golden flower for the children to climb, when they reach the top they are invited to a class activity of their choice. The children will plan these with myself, Miss Sharples and Mrs Collier and will take place some time during the final week of each half term.

We are always looking for parents to come in and listen to readers each week or support the learning of individuals.  Also please let us know if you have any hidden talents which you can share with us, such as: cooking, art or maths.

Please send your child in each day with a named water bottle. Please also encourage children to bring in bags which are a suitable size as the cloakrooms are quite tight. Their pegs only need to have their PE kit, lunch and coats on.  Please make sure all items of clothing are named. It would also be beneficial if pencil cases could be small enough to fit into their drawer so that the tables can be cleaned properly.

If you want to find out more about staying safe online, or if you need to report anything harmful or worrying to the police please follow the link below.


Staff in Year 3

Mrs Kitts – Class teacher

Miss Sharples, Mrs Farragher & Mrs Collier – Class teaching assistants

Mrs Carr – (Tuesday PPA) French/ PSHCE

Mr Cassidy – (Tuesday PPA) P.E.

Mrs Morton – (Wednesday morning) Music

Useful websites

Phonics Play

For phonics and spelling games

Maths Rockx

Times tables songs that the children love.

Top Marks

Maths and English games


Inspire – Challenge – Grow