Year 2

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It will keep you updated with what we are learning about, events we have been involved in and upcoming information you might need.

Year 2 Class Newsletter

I  hope you have all had a lovely Easter break, but not eaten too much chocolate!! The Year 2 staff are looking forward to our last term in Year 2 with lots of new things still to learn and other areas where the learning will be consolidated. During the month of May we will undertake the KS1 Assessment tests.

Later on in the summer term the children will begin their transition to Year 3 and we will organise some sessions and visits to familiarise them with the Gawcott site and the staff there before the transition day in July.

The classroom structure and routines will remain the same this term and your children will continue to have their PE sessions on a Monday and Thursday afternoon with Mr Cassidy.

We hope you find this newsletter helpful in informing you of what your children will be learning about in the summer term.

Mrs Field


In our English sessions we will begin by completing the work we started about Florence Nightingale following our trip to Claydon House. We will use the book Man on the Moon to explore different text types with some information text writing about The Moon. Next half term we will focus on The Great Fire of London writing recounts and diary extracts.


This term in maths the children will:

  • To tell the time using o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and moving on to telling the time to 5 minutes intervals
  • To identify and describe the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, discussing lines of symmetry, and the number of faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes
  • To use tally charts and to make and interpret pictograms
  • To use measures of length, mass, capacity and temperature


Our first topic this half term a topic on Explorers followed by The Great Fire of London and a short topic on castles.

  • In the first half term in our science lessons the children will be completing a unit on animals including humans looking at what we need – healthy food, exercise and keeping ourselves clean
  • In our art sessions the children will look at the British artist L.S. Lowry and practice their drawing skills with charcoal and pencil.
  • In History sessions we will be focusing on significant people through our study of explorers in particular Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. The Great fire of London topic will address its causes and impact. We will learn about Samuel Pepys as another significant person in history.
  • In Music the children will work on the unit friendship songs, where they will appraise different songs and work at adding their own instrumental compositions to a learnt song.
  • In RE sessions the children will be learning about Christianity and Judaism and their special stories
  • In French in the second half term we will take the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and learn the story and vocabulary connected to it.
  • In PSHCE sessions the children will be thinking about keeping ourselves safe in different contexts and our personal safety
  • On the computers the children will be looking at how websites can be useful for finding information and begin to use algorithms to programme characters on screen.


This term your child will continue having PE on a Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure complete kit is in school for the entire week. The aim is to be outside for all lessons and so trainers are required as doing PE in school shoes is not appropriate.


We are hoping to arrange a trip to Warwick Castle with the children in Year 1 at the beginning of July. Further information will follow shortly.


Homework will continue to be 2 or 3 short Mathletics tasks related to the work we have been doing in school. Please speak to me if you have any issues or difficulties with your child doing this internet based homework.


Your child will be given 5 -10 words at a time to practise reading and writing.

Your child’s spellings will be checked once a week on a Friday and new spellings will be set.

Please help your child to practise these daily.  Your child’s spelling book should stay in their book bag so they can practise their spellings in school as well.

Mental Maths

Everyday in class the children will be reciting their times tables.  In Year 2 they need to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. E.g. 1 x 2 = 2, 2 x 2 =4 etc.  You may wish to practise these times tables with your child. There is a maths game that can be accessed on the internet called ‘Hit the Button’ which the children are familiar with, which enables quick recall of times tables and other basic number facts.


The children should by now be changing reading books independently. They will be reminded during our reading times during the day, and books can be changed as frequently as they need to.

Your child will be heard reading once a week by an adult in school.  They will read a guided reading book and discuss this with a small group.  The adult reading with the group will make a note in your child’s reading record telling you about what we have focused on during the session.

Please listen to your child read their books as often as possible. It is amazing the difference it makes to their progress in reading when they read regularly.


Remember to read the school’s weekly newsletter and check the school’s website regularly to find out what is happening in school.


I am available in the morning for short messages such as if somebody else will be collecting your child.

If there are other things that you would like to discuss, we can arrange to speak after school most days.

Please email/ call the office if there are any messages throughout the day. 01280 848306

Behaviour & Rewards

In Year 2 we have different rewards for the children to earn through good behaviour, these are: House points, stickers and golden time.  We have a Golden Time chart in the classroom.  The children all start on the rainbow as this is where we expect them to be. If your child makes wrong decisions with their behaviour their name will be moved onto the sun as a reminder that they need to make better choices. If a further warning is necessary, they will move down the chart onto the cloud where they will then miss a minute of their playtime each time a further warning is needed to be given. Minutes lost will then come off their Golden Time on a Friday afternoon.


We are looking for some parents to come in and listen to readers each week.  Also please let us know if you have any hidden talents which you can share with us, such as: cooking, art or maths.


Please could I ask you to support us in school by ensuring that your children do not bring toys, games or money into class unless they have been requested or are for a particular thing like ‘show and tell’ when they should be given to the teacher for safe keeping. I am spending more and more time sorting out disagreements or dealing with upset children because things are going missing or getting lost, or children getting upset because they are being asked to put things away that are distracting them from their learning.

As we hopefully move into warmer months, please send your child in each day with a named water bottle. The children will start taking their water bottles outside with them at playtime for a mid-morning drink so that we can resume our learning as soon as we come back inside.

As the weather improves please ensure children have a hat to wear and have sun cream applied before coming to school.  As always, please make sure all items of clothing are named.


To see the class timetable click here

Year 2 Staff

Mrs Field – Class Teacher

Mrs Draper – Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wildman – Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Carr –  RE/French on Wednesday afternoons

Mr Cassidy –  PE on Monday and Wednesday afternoons

Should you need to speak to Mrs Field, please contact the office to book an appointment or catch me in the morning to arrange a time.


17th May – School Fete after school at Gawcott 3.30-6pm

20th May – Sparkle Day

24th May – Half term

3rd June – INSET Day

4th June – Back to school

13th June – Small schools sports festival – selected children

14th June – Father’s Day breakfast

18th June – Sports Day KS1 1.15pm

25th June – Back-up Sports Day

2nd July – Transition Day

22nd July – Year 2 Leavers assembly

24th July – End of Term 1pm finish


Weekly Requirement:

Daily Reading

It is really helpful if you let us know how the children are getting on with their reading at home. Please try to listen to them daily and make a comment, or on busier days please sign your child’s reading record to let us know that they have read their books at home.  We will collect the children’s reading records in when they have Guided Reading each week, and award House points if they have read daily and it is written in their reading record book.


Spelling will be checked on a Friday and then new spellings given out.  Please help them to read the words and understand what they mean, and then practise spelling them. They could be practised by copying them out and then trying to write from memory, orally spelling them out loud or using the Look Cover Write Check method. You could stretch your child by asking them to put the words into a sentence and write it down.

Maths Task

Mathletics tasks will be set on a Friday for completion the following Thursday. Tasks have a time limit for the week but other tasks can be accessed if they wish to have a go at them.

You may also wish to help your child with their 2, 5 and 10 timetables, moving on to 3 and 4 times tables. We will be working on these  in class.

Please ensure your child has their spelling book and reading book in their book bag each day as they have the chance to practise them in school.

INTERNET SAFETY (Digital Literacy).

Here are some top tips for safe Internet surfing!

  1. Always tell an adult if you are using the internet and what you are using it for.
  2. Never talk to anybody you don’t know.
  3. Don’t give out any information about you (name, age, address, school) even to people you know.
  4. If something pops up on screen, don’t close the screen and tell an adult.
  5. If you get a mean message or email, ignore it and tell an adult so they can delete it.
  6. Don’t go on to websites you are told not to.

The most important thing to remember is:

If something happens you don’t like or are not sure about, tell an adult!


You can also click on the links below to find out more or report websites that you are worried about.

Think you know how to stay safe online?

Child Exploitation and Online Protection


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