Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Please take a look at our class page to find out what we have been up to. We will update regularly with information we are learning about, photographs to celebrate our learning and useful information. I hope the children will enjoy the next stage of their learning and have lots of fun along the way!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the holiday with your children. Thank you very much to everyone who sent in Christmas gifts for the staff these are very much appreciated.


  • Please can all children wear a coat to school and in cold weather please ensure that they have a hat and gloves. Please make sure these are all named so they don’t get muddled up and lost.
  • If children are bringing drinks bottles to school these should contain water. We keep these in our outside area so please remind your child to bring them home so that they can be washed. If children are bringing in a drink to have with their lunch, then this should be separate to the water bottle they have during the day.

 Phonics Information Session

There will be a Phonics Information Session on Thursday 24th January at 9.00am. The purpose of this meeting is to provide information about the Phonics Screening Check, which takes place in June. This is a test which all Year 1 take to assess whether children are working at the expected level in phonics. During the session I will talk to you about how the test is carried out and marked. I will also be able to talk to you about how you can help the children to develop their phonics skills at home which will improve their reading and writing.

P.E. Kits

The children do P.E. every Monday afternoon and a Thursday afternoon. PE kits must be left in school so that they are able to take part in these sessions. PE is a compulsory subject at school and really contributes to their overall physical development. P.E. should now contain:

  • Black shorts, jogging bottoms and a black sweatshirt
  • Red Roundwood T-Shirt
  • Trainers and socks

Please ensure these items are names. Each week we are adding items to the ‘Lost Property’ which are not named and remain unclaimed at the end of P.E. sessions.



As you will be aware we have now subscribed to Mathletics. Each week I will allocate 2-3 activities linked to the units of week we are doing. Please complete these activities with the children as you usually would. I will allocate them on a Thursday afternoon and will check how the children are getting on the following Thursday. One week each half term I will give the children a paper based activity which will be linked to another subject area e.g. our topic.


The children will continue to bring home spellings each week. These will be given out on a Thursday afternoon and checked on Thursday morning. These will either be based on the spelling patterns the children are focusing on in phonics and spelling lessons or will be taken from the common exception words the children are learning.


Please continue to listen to your child read as often as possible, ideally every day. The children who are making the most progress with their reading are those who read the most frequently. Please let us know how they are getting on with their reading at home e.g. are they sounding out most words, are they recognising tricky words on sight, can they talk about the story… We are helping the children to be more independent changing their reading books they bring home. Please remind them if they forget to change their book.

What will we be doing this half term?

A Day in the life…

We will be continuing the topic we started last half term focusing on comparing the experiences of children at different periods of time. We will be learning about the lives of children in the past including how they spend their time, the toys they played with, the books they read and the technology they used.

In science we will be looking at materials. The children will be identifying the properties of different materials and how they are suited to different purposes. In relation to our topic the children will be exploring the materials toys are made from and how this has changed over time.


In maths this half term we will begin by focusing Place Value. This involves looking at the value of numbers, sequencing numbers, writing numbers and number words up to 20. We will be introducing the children to using different forms of equipment including dienes, which you may have heard refer to as ‘tens’ and ‘ones’. This will help the children to partition numbers and recognise the value of each digit. This will then feed into our unit of work on addition and subtraction. This will include adding and subtracting numbers using number lines and by adding the tens and ones separately. More information about the strategies we will be using will be provided.


In English we will be focusing on Traditional Stories. The children will be learning to retell stories using actions. This is great fun but also really helps the children to remember the stories. The children will be describing characters and settings and developing their understanding of adjectives and verbs. They will be taking part in daily writing activities, which will build up to the children writing their own stories. When writing we will continue to focus on the children saying their sentences out loud, sounding out words carefully and remembering finger spaces between words.


In Science we will be focusing on Materials. The children will be exploring the properties of different materials and carrying out simple experiments. Linked to our work on Traditional Tales the children will be designing and making a house for the three little pigs.

Mrs Carr will continue to teach the children for most of Thursday. She will be covering French, Music and P.S.H.C.E.


If you feel that your child has an allergy it is important that this is diagnosed by a doctor so that we can ensure that we are able to cater for their needs appropriately. This is in order to maintain their safety and well-being. If a child has an allergy it is important that we have advice from a doctor about how to manage this in school including having the correct medication to administer should they come into contact with the allergen at school.

Contacting Us

Should you need to speak to me, Mrs Kent, please catch me in the morning or after school or if you would prefer to speak privately please contact Jo in the school office to arrange a time.

Telephone number: 01280 848306

Changes to Circumstances

If there are ever any changes to your circumstances at home please come and let us know. Often things that as adults we consider quite minor can trouble young children and can lead to changes in their behaviour. This may include things such as a pet or relative being unwell, disagreements between parents at home or moving. We can then work together to decide how to best support your child.

Trips and Events

  • Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea – 2.00pm on Friday  (Free)
  • Father’s Day Breakfast – 9.00am on Friday  (Free)

We are always looking for parents or grandparents to come and help in school. This could include listening to children read or sharing a particular talent or skill. If this is something you or somebody you know might be interested in doing, please let us know. Please be aware that parents who help with reading and spellings will usually work in a different class to the one their child is in. In order for parents to help we need to arrange for the necessary checks to be done which incurs a cost to the school, so please consider whether you are able to make a regular commitment before volunteering.

Friends of Roundwood School Association (F.R.S.A.)

The Friends of Roundwood School Association is our parents association. They are extremely supportive of the school and work very hard to raise money for the school. Throughout the year money raised by the FRSA is used to buy resources for the school such as library books and equipment for the outside learning areas. They have also subsidised many school trips. They have recently raised money to enable us to update our school minibus.

You can support the FRSA by attending meetings, helping in the organisation of events such as quiz nights, film nights and the school fete. Please don’t worry if you are unable to help before events as coming along is the best way to help.

Internet Safety

Below are some reminders about what you should do to keep safe on line:

  • Always tell an adult if you are using the internet and what you are using it for.
  • Never talk to anybody you don’t know.
  • Don’t give out any information about you (name, age, address, school) even to people you know.
  • If something pops up on screen, don’t close the screen, tell an adult.
  • If you get a mean message or email, ignore it and tell an adult so they can delete it.
  • Don’t go on to websites you are told not to.


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