The Roundwood Team

Our staff are well known to all the children. Staff move across both sites and Mrs Handley splits her time between Tingewick and Gawcott. Miss Leslie, our Deputy Headteacher, is based at the Gawcott site and Mrs Kent, our Senior Teacher, is based at the Tingewick site.

Mrs Handley
Miss Leslie
Deputy Headteacher
Ms Tanner
Mrs Sauvain
Foundation Teacher
Mrs Kent
Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Field
Year 2 Teacher
Miss Coggins
Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Webb
Year 4 Teacher
Mr Webb
Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Hall
Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Wildman
Year 1 TA
Mrs Druce & Connell
Year 2 Ta's
Mrs Collier
Year 3 TA
Mrs Creed & Price
Year 4 TA's
Mrs/Miss George/Sharples
Year 5 TA's
Mrs Farragher
Year 6 TA

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