Phonics teaching at Roundwood School

We base the teaching of phonics on a 6 phase programme called ‘Letters and Sounds’. The programme begins at Pre-School, where children learn to discriminate between environmental sounds. The programme takes each child through the 44 sounds and corresponding letter patterns. During our termly meetings with our Pre-School leaders we discuss where the children need to be when they join the school at Foundation.

Children in the EYFS and Key Stage 1 follow the synthetic phonics approach, using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme. This is an approach to teaching phonics in which sounds, (phonemes) made by individual letters or a combination of letters, are blended and segmented to form words. Our daily phonics sessions across EYFS and Key Stage 1 are fun, involving lots of speaking, listening and games.

The ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme is divided into six phases, with each phase building on the skills and knowledge of previous learning. There are no big leaps in the learning. Children have time to practise, revise, recall and rapidly expand their ability to read and spell words. Within lessons we teach the children high frequency words. These are words that appear most often in print, for example, “and”, “the”, “as” and “it“. Some of the high frequency words can be sounded out using basic phonic rules, e.g. “it” and “dog”. High Frequency words are taught across the school and throughout the curriculum to ensure all children know how to spell these words. Children are also taught to read and spell ‘common exception’ words – words with spellings that are unusual or unfamiliar. These include the words ‘are’, ‘was’, and ‘said’.

If you would like to help your child at home, these are the phases we work through.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the introduction to Letters and Sounds and concentrates on developing children’s listening skills. Phase 1 lays the foundations for work which will begin in Phase 2. In Phase 1 activities include, going on a listening walk, playing a sounds lotto game and making shakers.

Phase 2

In Phase 2 we learn to read, write and spell High Frequency Words (HFW)

Here is a list to help your child at home.

a, an, as, at, of, off, on, can, if, in, is, it, dad, had, back, get, big, him, his, not, got, up, mum, but

Tricky words

the, to, I, no, go, into, and, put

Phase 3

These are the Phase 3 HFWs to learn to read, write and spell.

will, that, this, then, them, with, see, for, now, look, down, too

Tricky Words

he, she, we, me, be, was, you, they, all, are, my, her

Phase 4

These are the Phase 4 HFWs to learn to read, write and spell.

went, it’s, from, children, just, help

Tricky words

said, so, do, have, come, like, some, were, there, little, one, they, when, out, what

Phase 5

These are the Phase 5 HFWs to learn to read, write and spell.

don’t, old, I’m, by, time, house, about, your, day, made, came, make, here, saw, very, put

Tricky words

oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked, could

In Phase 6 the children learn to add prefixes and suffixes to words.

Help with Phonics online games.

These sites have online games and activities to help at each phase.