At Roundwood Primary School we see maths as an essential life skill. We are committed to ensuring that children have a positive and meaningful experience of mathematics throughout the school. We offer a curriculum that secures essential knowledge and skills whilst giving the children many opportunities to use and apply their mathematical skills across the curriculum, through real life problem solving and mathematical investigations.

As a school, we use the Maths No problem scheme, which is based on the Singapore method of teaching. Within this framework, the children use concrete examples, which provide meaningful experiences moving onto pictorial representations such as bar modelling. Once they are secure and understand the concepts involved, children are taught the appropriate written methods for their year group or stage. We believe this curriculum offers children a broader, richer, deeper understanding of maths and allows all children to experience the ‘mastery’ approach.

Below you will find a guide as to the progression in mental calculation strategies used as well as the progression in written calculations.

Please contact the class teachers for more specific information on how you can continue to support your child at home.

Click here to look at the progression in mental calculation document. This is useful to see the steps the children work through in order to become confident mathematicians.

Click here to view the progression of written calculations following the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach as defined by the Singapore approach to mathematics.