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Welcome to the Foundation Stage Area of the school website. In this area you will find information about the Foundation Stage at Roundwood Primary School, including links to useful documents and websites. There are also pages linked to how you can support your child’s learning at home.

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Welcome to the Autumn Term of the Foundation Stage

Welcome to everyone for the start of your time at Roundwood. We have an exciting term ahead with lots of interesting activities planned to help the children settle in, learn our class and school routines and of course make lots of friends and have fun!

So far this term we have spent a lot of time getting to know each other, learning each others names and making friends. The children picked up our class routines very quickly and have come up with a set of rules to keep our class a happy place.

The children have spent the last couple of weeks learing the story of The Little Red Hen.  They really enjoyed performing it to parents last week, complete with actions.  Next week we will start thinking about the changing seasons, identifying and describing signs of Autumn.  We are going to focus much of our learning around the story After the Storm by Mick Inkpen.  After half term we are going to begin a mini-topic ‘Into the Woods’ where we will think about stories and adventures about bears, before we start to celebrate the many festivals of light that occur at this time of year.

Foundation Stage Staff

There are two members of staff working daily with the children in Foundation Stage, Mrs Sauvain (class teacher) and Mrs Wildman (teaching assistant).  In addition Mrs Carr will be in class on Monday afternoon, Mr Cassidy will be teaching PE on Friday mornings and Claire Groves who many of you might remember from Tingewick Pre-school will continue to support us on Wednesday mornings.

Daily Activities

We plan a range of child initiated and adult led learning activities during the school day.  These include whole class and group circle or carpet times, as well as opportunities for children to work individually or in small groups with an adult.  We like to spend as much time as possible outside, and plan activities to follow the EYFS curriculum both indoors and out.

Circle Time

Thank you for making and filling the ‘chatterboxes’ with your children over the summer.  We will be sharing these at circle time over the first couple of weeks of term.  After this, if the children would like to take them home they can do so.



We have a daily taught phonics session.  This will focus initially on listening, creating and responding to rhythm and rhyme, tuning into and discriminating between sounds and introducing single letter sounds and corresponding graphemes.

We follow the order of sounds identified in the DFES document Letters and Sounds, beginning with s, a, t, p, i, n.

We have a range of phonic resources in school, and use a combination of Jolly Phonics (the Jolly Learning website has a useful film clip identifying how to pronounce sounds), Read Write Inc, Phonics Play and Letters and Sounds.

Phonics Play Website

Alphablocks Website 


The children will be able to choose a book from the school book box to bring home to share at home each week.  The day they change their book will be written on the front of their reading diary, please make sure they bring their book back on that day so they can choose another.

We will begin guided reading sessions later this term – more information to follow.


The children will have a maths session each day. This will  focus on counting accurately and using mathematical language to describe quantities, shape and measures.

We have been working on developing accurate counting strategies, recognising and ordering numbers up to 20, counting forwards and back and consolidating the childrens understanding of number as a set of objects through stories, songs, rhymes, games and lots of practical activities.

Helping your child with Maths


Stay and Play

We hope to organise another stay and play session and will share times and dates with you soon.

It was lovely to see so many family members last time, and the children were very excited about showing off all the things they had been sharing and learning.

Daily Organisation

The children come into school at 8.45am. They write their names to let us know whether they are having a hot dinner or packed lunch, then select one of the activities set up in the classroom.

We then move to the carpet to wish everyone good morning, count and share news and ideas.

Usually this wll be followed by a quick maths session before the children move off to their independent play based learning activities indoors and out.  At the same time, one of the adults will usually teach a focus group, depending on what we are doing that week, this could be a maths or literacy lesson, or be an investigative or creative activity.

On Tuesday the children go to Singing Assembly with Mrs Sauvain at 10.20am, then go out to play with the KS1 children and Mrs Wildman.  On Friday morning we have PE with Mr Cassidy.  Otherwise we stay in Foundation Stage until lunchtime at 11.50am.  Our phonics lesson and dough disco will usually take place before lunch.

After lunch we continue independent learning and adult focus activities indoors and out, before we share story and singing and go home at 3pm.


  • Please can we remind all parents that the school day starts at 8.45am. Children should be at the front gate slightly before this time so that they can line up and come into school with their friends. Arriving after this time can be very disruptive to the class and can result in a late mark or an unauthorised absence if children are arriving after 9am.
  • We are very pleased to see most children coming in independently now – this really helps everyone to settle and start learning quickly.  Thank you for supporting your child and us to establish this important part ofthe school day.
  • Please make sure that all clothes are labelled clearly with the children’s names.
  • If children are bringing water bottles to school these should contain water and not squash or other soft drinks and be named.

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