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Welcome to the Foundation Stage


Welcome to the Foundation Stage Area of the school website. In this area you will find information about the Foundation Stage at Roundwood Primary School, including links to useful documents and websites. There are also pages linked to how you can support your child’s learning at home.

Welcome to the Spring Term of the Foundation Stage

Learning Activities

This term we are learning about the coldest places on earth.  The children have already started thinking about what they want to find out. This week we have been looking at snowflakes, finding out how snowflakes are formed, describing and moving like a snowflake, using a range of media to create snowflakes and writing our own short snowflake poems.  We have lots more exciting activities planned for the term, including finding out about the animals that live in the Polar Regions, exploring freezing and melting, making icy smoothies, and reading both fiction and non-fiction books set in colder climates including The Great Explorer by Chris Judge and Ice Bear by Nicola Davies. We also have many celebrations coming up including Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day and Easter.



The children are now all in guided reading groups and will be bringing home their school reading book alongside their library book each week.  Depending on what other activities are going on that week, the day on which they read will vary so please make sure book bags and books come into school every day.

When we do guided reading typically the children will spend time talking about the book, making predictions about what they think it will be about and listening to each others ideas.  We target particular strategies in each session – often at this stage these will involve segmenting and blending the sounds in simple words and recognising the high frequency and tricky words on the ‘animal’ sheets in the reading diaries.  We always spend some time making connections between experiences or stories the children know and the text we are reading.


This term in Foundation Stage we have a couple of changes to staffing.  Firstly, we are delighted to welcome Mr Cassidy into our class on a more frequent basis.  From January Mr Cassidy will be working in Foundation stage every morning from 8.45 – 12.  Mrs Wildman is still with us, but as we now share her with Year 1 and Year 2, she will be in Foundation Stage every afternoon, and on a Friday morning for PE.  Mrs Carr continues to teach in Foundation Stage on Monday afternoon.  We are also very happy to welcome Mrs Perrett into our class on Wednesdays and Thursdays before lunch, and Mrs Cotton on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Our Foundation Stage governor Claire Groves joins us on Wednesday mornings.

Stay and Play

Our next stay and play session is on Wednesday 23rd January from 8.50 – 9.50am.  We have chosen a Wednesday morning so you also have the opportunity to meet our Foundation Stage governor Claire Groves – many of you may already know her from Tingewick pre-school.

Parents’ Evenings will be on Monday 4th March and Wednesday 6th March.

Chatterboxes and Favourite Books

The children very much enjoyed sharing their chatterboxes last term.  If your child would like to bring their chatterbox back into school this term, perhaps with different contents they are welcome to do. This term we are going to be sharing children’s favourite books on a Friday afternoon. In order do justice to each book choice we will choose two children every week to bring in a book from home to talk about, we will put a note in book bags when it is your turn.


We hope you are enjoying sharing observations of your child learning in school.  Thank you to those parents who ‘like’ and comment.  Please remember that you can also add in your own photos and/or notes from home and we would really appreciate this.  Your comments might be to celebrate an achievement such as riding a bike, being particularly kind and helpful, sleeping all night in their own bed, recording a visit to somewhere special, or trying something new.  We are also going to send home achievement leaves for you to complete at home (as frequently as you choose) to share and display on our seasons tree in class. They provide another wonderful opportunity for us to support your child’s development and milestones outside of school – you can include whatever you and your child feel is an achievement to celebrate and share with their friends and adults in school.  We will put a few leaves into each book bag.  Please make sure your child’s name is written on the leaf so they don’t get mixed up. If you would like more leaves then ask a member of staff and we can send some home.

P.E. kits

Thank you for supporting your child to change in and out of PE kit independently.  Please make sure that all kits are clearly named, and that your child knows where their name is to help them to locate items of clothing to put back in their bag. Most of our PE sessions this term take place in the hall as the weather is colder, however there will be occasions when we go outside, so please ensure your child has appropriate clothing e.g. jogging bottoms and a jumper to wear as well as trainers for wearing outside.


Thank you to everyone who has named trainers, wellies, shoes, coats and jumpers – it makes our lives so much easier, and helps the children to become independent.  Now it is colder the children need hats, gloves and warm coats. Please can we ask that everything is labelled, it makes reuniting stray items of clothing with their rightful owners much easier! Thank you. Please note that we expect all children to wear school shoes indoors – even if they travel to and from school in boots.

Water bottles, milk and snacks

The children really enjoy having a drink and snack in school, not only does it top up their energy levels, it is also a very social occasion and we love to hear the children chatting and laughing together as they sit around the snack table.  We aim to offer a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables each day so hopefully your child will be able to choose something they enjoy. Milk is free of charge for children under five, if we have any extra milk we offer it to the five year olds but cannot always do so.  If your child is already five and you want them to have school milk every day you can pay for them to do so.  We always have fresh water and clean cups available for the children to have a drink, or you are welcome to send in a named water bottle for them to use.  A sports type cap is preferable as there are less spillages.

Outdoor Classroom

We will be working on developing our outside area over the coming months.  If anyone has time, energy and an interest/skill please let Mrs Sauvain know.  Amongst the jobs we hope to complete (weather permitting) are re-painting the ‘road’ on the tarmac and painting the risers of the steps leading up to the top area with numbers, revitalising and replenishing the mud kitchen, creating some storage bays and having a general clear, clean and tidy.  If you are able to help in any way, however small, please let us know – hopefully we will be able to get a group together and can then organise a time to suit.

Class Fund

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our class fund last term.  We hope you enjoyed the children’s’ culinary efforts, and that the Christmas cakes tasted as good as they smelled!  A lot of wishes went into the mixing of the cake, hopefully some of them are starting to come true!  In order to be able to fund cooking activities, make playdough and provide a selection of malleable materials for the children we ask for a voluntary contribution of £5 per (long) term. Without your support we simply can’t afford to provide such a rich variety of experiences. Thank you to everyone who contributed last term.

If you are having a New Year kitchen cupboard clear out and have any out of date plain or strong flour, cornflour, rice, dried pulses or pasta please remember we can always use these for making dough or in pouring/filling, fine motor and creative activities so think of us before you throw them in the bin.  We are still collecting small bottles, scoops and pots too! Thank you.

Picking up

Please let a member of staff know if someone different will be collecting your child at the end of the day, either in person, or by letting the school office know.


Please can we ask that toys and bits and bobs from home stay at home! Lots of children have been bringing in little things from home and it is not possible to stop these special items from getting lost.

Thank you for your help with this. We still have a small WOW toys plastic monkey in our class found in the playground last term. If he belongs to your little one, please let us know so he can go home!

Keeping in Touch

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