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Welcome to the Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage Area of the school website. In this area you will find information about the Foundation Stage at Roundwood Primary School, including links to useful documents and websites. There are also pages linked to how you can support your child’s learning at home.

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Welcome to the Summer Term of the Foundation Stage

We hope that you all had a lovely Easter Break with your families. I can’t believe we have already reached the final term of your children’s time in the Foundation Stage. We have an exciting term ahead with lots of interesting activities planned. This term we will be spending lots of time outside, exploring the school grounds and the village.   This will include:

  • Exploring the school grounds and talking about the different living things we can find. The children are already very interested in the growing number of minibeasts and flowers that are begining to appear.
  • We will begin planting seeds and also hopefully visiting the school allotment to plant potatoes and other vegetables. If you would be interested in helping with this please let me know as we will need extra adults to make the most of the time we have.
  • We will continue to visit Rectory Farm to observe the lambs and calves and to see how they are changing.
  • We will also be walking around the village and talking about the different buildings we can see. The children will be making maps and talking about how the local area is changing.

We are introducing some new things this half term and modifying other things so please read this information carefully.

Show and Tell

This term we will be introducing a more structured ‘Show and Tell’ session. The purpose of this is to provide an opportunity for the children to talk about something of interest to them, to a larger group of children for a few minutes. Each house group will be given a day and week to do their show and tell. Children do not need to do this every week but will ideally do this 2-3 times each half term. The focus is on the speaking, so please help your child to choose something they would like to talk about such as a hobby or a day out. Then think about something they might like to show to support this. Toys are not appropriate for ‘Show and Tell’.


This term we are going to re-introduce weekly cooking. One group a week will be chosen to do this. They will work with a grown up to plan what they would like to cook using simple recipe books. They will then make a list of the items they need to buy and will then walk to the village shop to buy these items. We will send home a letter the first week back for you to return to us giving permission for your child to walk to the shop with us.


Please continue to practise the sounds your child has brought home along with their tricky words. We have sent home new words which we would like your child to practise over the Easter Holiday. These websites can be used to support your child’s learning in phonics alongside Apps such as Hairy Phonics. Ideally children will now be working within Phase 3 and will be able to read and spell words containing these sounds.

Phonics Play Website

Alphablocks Website 


Please continue to read regularly with your child. Ideally daily. We have made sure that the children who are now reading have two new reading books for the holiday. Please also try to read to your child each day as this really helps your child’s understanding of stories and awareness of how books work.

Please make sure reading books and reading records are kept in the children’s book bags every day.


This term the children will have focused maths sessions each day. This will continue to focus on counting accurately and solving problems involving doubling and halving.

Please continue to encourage your children to count carefully and accurately at home. At this stage we would expect children to be able to count at least 20 objects accurately without adult help and to be able to recognise and order numbers to 20.  A great way to support this is to look for numbers in the local environment e.g. door numbers, registration plates etc…

Helping your child with Maths


Stay and Play

4th May 2018

15th June 2018

6th July 2018

Daily Organisation

I will continue to teach the children everyday except for on Tuesdays. The children will continue to have P.E. and Music sessions on a Tuesday morning and will be taught by Mrs Carr for the remainder of the day.


  • Please can we remind all parents that the school day starts at 8.45am. Children should be at the front gate slightly before this time so that they can line up and come into school with their friends. Arriving after this time can be very disruptive to the class and can result in a late mark or an unauthorised absence if children are arriving after 9am.
  • Please make sure that all clothes are labelled clearly with the children’s names.
  • If children are bringing water bottles to school these should contain water and not squash or other soft drinks.

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What is the Foundation Stage?

A Parents guide to the Foundation Stage – What to expect when



Please click on the links below to download a user guide for Tapestry.

Tapestry guide for Android

Tapestry guide for IOS

Shared Learning Activities

Shared learning activities will now be given out on a weekly basis. Over the Easter Holiday please use your child’s shared learning book as a diary. Encourage your child to draw pictures and to write labels or sentences to describe what they have been doing with you.

Useful Resources

Handwriting Resources

Curly Caterpillar Letter Formation

One Armed Robot Letter Formation

Zig Zag Letter Formation

Ladder Letter Formation

Inspire – Challenge – Grow