Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage

Welcome back

We hope that you all had a great Easter break, and are looking forward to starting the summer term ready for lots of learning, exploring and investigating – hopefully much of it outside now that the warmer weather has arrived.

Learning Activities

This term we are learning about Growing and Changing.  Before the holidays we chitted and planted potatoes in the FS garden and shoots have already started to appear.  The children have been thinking about all the different things that grow  and we will be reading lots of stories, rhymes and non-fiction texts including Titch, different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk and RHS Grow your own for kids.  In a bid to create the hanging gardens of Tingewick we will be upcycling large milk containers – if you have any clean 4 or 6 pint plastic milk containers, please send them in.

During the first full week back at school (Monday 29th April) we hope to share lots of photographs of the children as babies and toddlers, talk about what they could do then and begin to develop an understanding of change over time.  Please talk to your children about when they were babies, and if you can print some pictures for them to bring into school to show each other that would be great!

Please continue to support your childrens’ learning – there are lots of everyday activities that reinforce number concepts, encourage them to talk about what they observe and why they think things happen, and of course, keep sharing stories and other books and practising the high frequency words in the yellow reading record books.

Stay and Play

Our next stay and play session is on Wednesday 22nd May 8.50 – 9.30am.  This time (weather permitting) we hope to share our outdoor classroom with you and show how we deliver the early years curriculum outside.

Chatterboxes and Favourite Books

Some children still enjoy looking at and sharing their chatterboxes in school.  If your child would like to bring their chatterbox back into school this term, perhaps with different contents they are welcome to do so. We will continue to share children’s favourite books on a Friday afternoon.


We hope you are enjoying sharing observations of your child learning in school.  Thank you to those parents who ‘like’ and comment.  Please remember that you can also add in your own photos and/or notes from home and we would really appreciate this.  Your comments might be to celebrate an achievement such as riding a bike, being particularly kind and helpful, sleeping all night in their own bed, recording a visit to somewhere special, or trying something new.  Thank you to everyone who has sent achievement leaves in – our class tree is starting to look a little more summery and we are enjoying being able to share and celebrate achievements in class.

P.E. kits

A quick reminder to please make sure all your child’s PE kit is named – sometimes names do come off in the wash and it is time consuming having to match up stray kit with owners – we would rather spend that time learning with your children .

Transition to Year One

We have started talking informally about moving on to Year 1 with the children, after half term we will be doing more work on transition.  As we are such a small school this is usually a very smooth process but if you or your child have any worries or concerns about this please speak to us and we will do our best to put minds at rest.


Thank you to everyone who has named trainers, wellies, shoes, coats and jumpers – it makes our lives so much easier, and helps the children to become independent.  As the weather is getting warmer the children will need sun hats and sun cream applied before school in the morning.  If you would like your child to re-apply suncream during the day, please send in NAMED suncream and show them how to apply a small amount at a time.  We do not have spare cream in school and children may only use their own cream.  In foundation stage we can help open bottles and remind children but we do not usually apply cream for the children.  Please can we ask that everything is labelled, it makes reuniting stray items of clothing with their rightful owners much easier! Thank you.

Water bottles, milk and snacks

A reminder that school milk is free of charge for children under five, if we have any extra milk we offer it to the five year olds but cannot always do so.  If your child is already five and you want them to have school milk every day you can pay for this.   The children really enjoy having a drink and snack in school, not only does it top up their energy levels, it is also a very social occasion and we love to hear the children chatting and laughing together as they sit around the snack table.  We aim to offer a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables each day so hopefully your child will be able to choose something they enjoy. We always have fresh water and clean cups available for the children, but particularly now we are spending more time outside it would be helpful if all children could bring in a named water bottle for them to use.  A sports type cap is preferable as there are less spillages and we will help the children to re-fill their water bottles during the day if necessary. Please do not send milk or juice in water bottles – if your child prefers not to drink water, perhaps adding a slice of lemon or orange would encourage them.

Outdoor Classroom

We now have two new storage sheds and a decked area.  We would like some shelving in the sheds, if anyone has a small shelf unit they do not need any more we would be most grateful.  If you are able to help with our outdoor project in any way, however small, please let us know – hopefully we will be able to get a group together and can then organise a time to suit.

If anyone has any plants going spare – herbs, flowers, fruit or vegetables, we will find a space for them in our garden.  We would also love to receive any leftover compost to enrich the soil in our new garden area.  Thank you.

Class Fund

Thank you those who contributed to our class fund last term.  This term we will be using some of it to buy seeds and compost for our gardening projects as well as ingredients for cooking and malleable activities.  Last term one of the things we bought were some florists aquabeads which the children absolutely loved!  As they developed strength and precision with their fingers, they also measured, estimated, counted, sorted, created magical potions, spells and unicorn and mermaid recipes as well as developing  the social skills that are necessary when 21 children all want to be in the same area at the same time! Without your support we simply can’t afford to provide such a rich variety of experiences.  £5 is less than 50p per child per week, but for us it is invaluable.  Thank you!

If you are having Spring clean of your kitchen cupboards and have any out of date plain or strong flour, cornflour, rice, dried pulses or pasta please remember we can always use these for making dough or in pouring/filling, fine motor and creative activities so think of us before you throw them in the bin.  We are still collecting small bottles, scoops and pots too! Thank you.

Picking up

Please let a member of staff know if someone different will be collecting your child at the end of the day, either in person, or by letting the school office know.


Thank you very much for controlling the number of toys and bits and bobs coming in from home.  A few started to re-appear towards the end of term and as mentioned before it is not possible to stop these special items from getting lost. We have had a few of incidences of children bringing money, packets of sweets and jewellery to school, if these too could stay at home we would appreciate it.

School Trip

This year Foundation Stage will be going on our Summer trip to Cogges Manor Farm on Tuesday 16th July – more information to follow.

Thank you!



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