As our children use technology on a daily basis, we take their safety very seriously. We actively encourage them to use devices securely, responsibly and positively.

E-safety in school

We ensure that filters are in place so that children cannot access unsuitable or potentially dangerous sites or material within school and ask that parents monitor this at home too. Children will be encouraged to use, think and follow the SMART rules when working with technology. The children are taught about e-safety through everyday use of technology, termly focused lessons on an area relating to e-safety and through regular class discussions.

We are fortunate to be able to access a fantastic learning site which focusses on all elements of child safety and internet issues. Gooseberry Planet is using gaming technology to help children learning about internet safety. In the course of a familiar game, children are exposed to online issues requiring a response such as meeting strangers, bullying, grooming and sexual exploitation. Children love playing games and GP is a fun way to present internet safety situations to them. The App facilitates the participation of parents and teachers to discuss with their children/students the issues raised in the game and to monitor their reactions to the situations.

Website address: http://gooseberryplanet.com/

The children will have their own personal log in and password in the back of their reading records to access their personal content from any device.

The 3Cs of online safety

Content – Is what I am seeing appropriate for me?

Contact – Is what this person saying to me safe?

Conduct – Am I behaving in a safe and respectful way?

We believe in a fourth ‘C’ Communication– have a talk with your child when they use the internet and talk them through the 3Cs of online safety.

Concerned? Speak to your child’s class teacher, Mrs Kitts (E-safety/computing Co-ordinator), Mrs Eales (Child protection) or Mrs Irvine, Mrs Tattersfield or Mrs Hall in either office. You are also able to report any concerns to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection command) by following the instructions found on their internet page. https://www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/

Please read out e-safety policy below for more detailed information.

Jan 18 – Roundwood Primary school Esafety policy

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