Roundwood Primary School Curriculum

At Roundwood Primary School we are fully committed to providing a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum to all children. Through our curriculum we aim to encourage and develop inquisitive thinkers and learners who are engaged in the curriculum via exciting and stimulating opportunities.

Our school curriculum has been designed paying close attention to the needs of the children in our school. The aim for our children is they receive a broad and balanced curriculum where their skills and knowledge are built upon, year on year. We aim to deliver clear progression through question led learning thus ensuring the opportunity for child led learning, vocabulary development and engagement of all.

Our curriculum allows the children to explore different subject areas via exciting themes. The themes are relevant and stimulating and allow the children to pursue their own ideas, make progress through the requirements of the National Curriculum and ensure the children develop a broad set of transferable skills.

The school curriculum is offered within the requirements of the National Curriculum and the agreed syllabus for Religious Education. In addition, the school is mindful of the policies of the Buckinghamshire Education Authority, when implementing its curriculum plans.

Roundwood Primary School offers a broad curriculum within the school day and in extra-curricular activities. It maintains high standards and expectations for all students. The school culture and ethos nurtures students to be committed to their learning and to have pride in their achievements. The curriculum supports the aspirational culture that underpins the success of the school.

Please click  here to look at our curriculum statement

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Please click here to look at our curriculum overview for Foundation.

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